rclone mount

rclone mount

Mount the remote as a mountpoint. EXPERIMENTAL


rclone mount allows Linux, FreeBSD and macOS to mount any of Rclone’s cloud storage systems as a file system with FUSE.

This is EXPERIMENTAL - use with care.

First set up your remote using rclone config. Check it works with rclone ls etc.

Start the mount like this

rclone mount remote:path/to/files /path/to/local/mount &

Stop the mount with

fusermount -u /path/to/local/mount

Or with OS X

umount -u /path/to/local/mount


This can only write files seqentially, it can only seek when reading.

Rclone mount inherits rclone’s directory handling. In rclone’s world directories don’t really exist. This means that empty directories will have a tendency to disappear once they fall out of the directory cache.

The bucket based FSes (eg swift, s3, google compute storage, b2) won’t work from the root - you will need to specify a bucket, or a path within the bucket. So swift: won’t work whereas swift:bucket will as will swift:bucket/path.

Only supported on Linux, FreeBSD and OS X at the moment.

rclone mount vs rclone sync/copy

File systems expect things to be 100% reliable, whereas cloud storage systems are a long way from 100% reliable. The rclone sync/copy commands cope with this with lots of retries. However rclone mount can’t use retries in the same way without making local copies of the uploads. This might happen in the future, but for the moment rclone mount won’t do that, so will be less reliable than the rclone command.


  • All the remotes should work for read, but some may not for write
    • those which need to know the size in advance won’t - eg B2
    • maybe should pass in size as -1 to mean work it out
    • Or put in an an upload cache to cache the files on disk first


  • Check hashes on upload/download
  • Preserve timestamps
  • Move directories
rclone mount remote:path /path/to/mountpoint


      --allow-non-empty           Allow mounting over a non-empty directory.
      --allow-other               Allow access to other users.
      --allow-root                Allow access to root user.
      --debug-fuse                Debug the FUSE internals - needs -v.
      --default-permissions       Makes kernel enforce access control based on the file mode.
      --dir-cache-time duration   Time to cache directory entries for. (default 5m0s)
      --gid uint32                Override the gid field set by the filesystem. (default 502)
      --max-read-ahead int        The number of bytes that can be prefetched for sequential reads. (default 128k)
      --no-modtime                Don't read the modification time (can speed things up).
      --no-seek                   Don't allow seeking in files.
      --read-only                 Mount read-only.
      --uid uint32                Override the uid field set by the filesystem. (default 502)
      --umask int                 Override the permission bits set by the filesystem. (default 2)
      --write-back-cache          Makes kernel buffer writes before sending them to rclone. Without this, writethrough caching is used.

Options inherited from parent commands

      --acd-templink-threshold int        Files >= this size will be downloaded via their tempLink. (default 9G)
      --acd-upload-wait-per-gb duration   Additional time per GB to wait after a failed complete upload to see if it appears. (default 3m0s)
      --ask-password                      Allow prompt for password for encrypted configuration. (default true)
      --b2-chunk-size int                 Upload chunk size. Must fit in memory. (default 96M)
      --b2-test-mode string               A flag string for X-Bz-Test-Mode header.
      --b2-upload-cutoff int              Cutoff for switching to chunked upload (default 190.735M)
      --b2-versions                       Include old versions in directory listings.
      --bwlimit int                       Bandwidth limit in kBytes/s, or use suffix b|k|M|G
      --checkers int                      Number of checkers to run in parallel. (default 8)
  -c, --checksum                          Skip based on checksum & size, not mod-time & size
      --config string                     Config file. (default "/home/ncw/.rclone.conf")
      --contimeout duration               Connect timeout (default 1m0s)
      --cpuprofile string                 Write cpu profile to file
      --delete-after                      When synchronizing, delete files on destination after transfering
      --delete-before                     When synchronizing, delete files on destination before transfering
      --delete-during                     When synchronizing, delete files during transfer (default)
      --delete-excluded                   Delete files on dest excluded from sync
      --drive-auth-owner-only             Only consider files owned by the authenticated user. Requires drive-full-list.
      --drive-chunk-size int              Upload chunk size. Must a power of 2 >= 256k. (default 8M)
      --drive-formats string              Comma separated list of preferred formats for downloading Google docs. (default "docx,xlsx,pptx,svg")
      --drive-full-list                   Use a full listing for directory list. More data but usually quicker. (obsolete)
      --drive-upload-cutoff int           Cutoff for switching to chunked upload (default 8M)
      --drive-use-trash                   Send files to the trash instead of deleting permanently.
      --dropbox-chunk-size int            Upload chunk size. Max 150M. (default 128M)
  -n, --dry-run                           Do a trial run with no permanent changes
      --dump-auth                         Dump HTTP headers with auth info
      --dump-bodies                       Dump HTTP headers and bodies - may contain sensitive info
      --dump-filters                      Dump the filters to the output
      --dump-headers                      Dump HTTP headers - may contain sensitive info
      --exclude stringArray               Exclude files matching pattern
      --exclude-from stringArray          Read exclude patterns from file
      --files-from stringArray            Read list of source-file names from file
  -f, --filter stringArray                Add a file-filtering rule
      --filter-from stringArray           Read filtering patterns from a file
      --ignore-existing                   Skip all files that exist on destination
      --ignore-size                       Ignore size when skipping use mod-time or checksum.
  -I, --ignore-times                      Don't skip files that match size and time - transfer all files
      --include stringArray               Include files matching pattern
      --include-from stringArray          Read include patterns from file
      --log-file string                   Log everything to this file
      --low-level-retries int             Number of low level retries to do. (default 10)
      --max-age string                    Don't transfer any file older than this in s or suffix ms|s|m|h|d|w|M|y
      --max-depth int                     If set limits the recursion depth to this. (default -1)
      --max-size int                      Don't transfer any file larger than this in k or suffix b|k|M|G (default off)
      --memprofile string                 Write memory profile to file
      --min-age string                    Don't transfer any file younger than this in s or suffix ms|s|m|h|d|w|M|y
      --min-size int                      Don't transfer any file smaller than this in k or suffix b|k|M|G (default off)
      --modify-window duration            Max time diff to be considered the same (default 1ns)
      --no-check-certificate              Do not verify the server SSL certificate. Insecure.
      --no-gzip-encoding                  Don't set Accept-Encoding: gzip.
      --no-traverse                       Don't traverse destination file system on copy.
      --no-update-modtime                 Don't update destination mod-time if files identical.
  -x, --one-file-system                   Don't cross filesystem boundaries.
      --onedrive-chunk-size int           Above this size files will be chunked - must be multiple of 320k. (default 10M)
      --onedrive-upload-cutoff int        Cutoff for switching to chunked upload - must be <= 100MB (default 10M)
  -q, --quiet                             Print as little stuff as possible
      --retries int                       Retry operations this many times if they fail (default 3)
      --s3-acl string                     Canned ACL used when creating buckets and/or storing objects in S3
      --s3-storage-class string           Storage class to use when uploading S3 objects (STANDARD|REDUCED_REDUNDANCY|STANDARD_IA)
      --size-only                         Skip based on size only, not mod-time or checksum
      --stats duration                    Interval between printing stats, e.g 500ms, 60s, 5m. (0 to disable) (default 1m0s)
      --stats-unit string                 Show data rate in stats as either 'bits' or 'bytes'/s (default "bytes")
      --swift-chunk-size int              Above this size files will be chunked into a _segments container. (default 5G)
      --timeout duration                  IO idle timeout (default 5m0s)
      --transfers int                     Number of file transfers to run in parallel. (default 4)
  -u, --update                            Skip files that are newer on the destination.
  -v, --verbose                           Print lots more stuff


  • rclone - Sync files and directories to and from local and remote object stores - v1.35-DEV
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