Bugs and Limitations


Directory timestamps aren't preserved

Rclone doesn't currently preserve the timestamps of directories. This is because rclone only really considers objects when syncing.

Rclone struggles with millions of files in a directory/bucket

Currently rclone loads each directory/bucket entirely into memory before using it. Since each rclone object takes 0.5k-1k of memory this can take a very long time and use a large amount of memory.

Millions of files in a directory tends to occur on bucket-based remotes (e.g. S3 buckets) since those remotes do not segregate subdirectories within the bucket.

Bucket-based remotes and folders

Bucket-based remotes (e.g. S3/GCS/Swift/B2) do not have a concept of directories. Rclone therefore cannot create directories in them which means that empty directories on a bucket-based remote will tend to disappear.

Some software creates empty keys ending in / as directory markers. Rclone doesn't do this as it potentially creates more objects and costs more. This ability may be added in the future (probably via a flag/option).


Bugs are stored in rclone's GitHub project: