rclone about

Get quota information from the remote.


rclone about prints quota information about a remote to standard output. The output is typically used, free, quota and trash contents.

E.g. Typical output from rclone about remote: is:

Total:   17 GiB
Used:    7.444 GiB
Free:    1.315 GiB
Trashed: 100.000 MiB
Other:   8.241 GiB

Where the fields are:

  • Total: Total size available.
  • Used: Total size used.
  • Free: Total space available to this user.
  • Trashed: Total space used by trash.
  • Other: Total amount in other storage (e.g. Gmail, Google Photos).
  • Objects: Total number of objects in the storage.

All sizes are in number of bytes.

Applying a --full flag to the command prints the bytes in full, e.g.

Total:   18253611008
Used:    7993453766
Free:    1411001220
Trashed: 104857602
Other:   8849156022

A --json flag generates conveniently machine-readable output, e.g.

    "total": 18253611008,
    "used": 7993453766,
    "trashed": 104857602,
    "other": 8849156022,
    "free": 1411001220

Not all backends print all fields. Information is not included if it is not provided by a backend. Where the value is unlimited it is omitted.

Some backends does not support the rclone about command at all, see complete list in documentation.

rclone about remote: [flags]


      --full   Full numbers instead of human-readable
  -h, --help   help for about
      --json   Format output as JSON

See the global flags page for global options not listed here.


  • rclone - Show help for rclone commands, flags and backends.
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