rclone bisync

Perform bidirectional synchronization between two paths.


Perform bidirectional synchronization between two paths.

Bisync provides a bidirectional cloud sync solution in rclone. It retains the Path1 and Path2 filesystem listings from the prior run. On each successive run it will:

  • list files on Path1 and Path2, and check for changes on each side. Changes include New, Newer, Older, and Deleted files.
  • Propagate changes on Path1 to Path2, and vice-versa.

See full bisync description for details.

rclone bisync remote1:path1 remote2:path2 [flags]


      --check-access            Ensure expected RCLONE_TEST files are found on both Path1 and Path2 filesystems, else abort.
      --check-filename string   Filename for --check-access (default: RCLONE_TEST)
      --check-sync string       Controls comparison of final listings: true|false|only (default: true) (default "true")
      --filters-file string     Read filtering patterns from a file
      --force                   Bypass --max-delete safety check and run the sync. Consider using with --verbose
  -h, --help                    help for bisync
      --localtime               Use local time in listings (default: UTC)
      --no-cleanup              Retain working files (useful for troubleshooting and testing).
      --remove-empty-dirs       Remove empty directories at the final cleanup step.
  -1, --resync                  Performs the resync run. Path1 files may overwrite Path2 versions. Consider using --verbose or --dry-run first.
      --workdir string          Use custom working dir - useful for testing. (default: $HOME/.cache/rclone/bisync)

See the global flags page for global options not listed here.


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