rclone size

Prints the total size and number of objects in remote:path.


Counts objects in the path and calculates the total size. Prints the result to standard output.

By default the output is in human-readable format, but shows values in both human-readable format as well as the raw numbers (global option --human-readable is not considered). Use option --json to format output as JSON instead.

Recurses by default, use --max-depth 1 to stop the recursion.

Some backends do not always provide file sizes, see for example Google Photos and Google Docs. Rclone will then show a notice in the log indicating how many such files were encountered, and count them in as empty files in the output of the size command.

rclone size remote:path [flags]


  -h, --help   help for size
      --json   Format output as JSON

See the global flags page for global options not listed here.


  • rclone - Show help for rclone commands, flags and backends.