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Rclone is a free open-source project with thousands of contributions from volunteers all round the world and I would like to thank all of you for donating your time to the project.

However, maintaining rclone is a lot of work - it is my full time job. Nothing stands still in the world of cloud storage. Rclone needs constant attention adapting to changes by cloud providers, adding new providers, adding new features, keeping the integration tests working, fixing bugs and many more things!

I love doing the work and I'd like to keep doing it - your support helps make rclone possible.

Thank you :-)

Nick Craig-Wood

Business users

If your business or your customers rely on rclone then it would make sense to sponsor rclone to ensure that the open source project you need stays healthy and well maintained.

Sponsorship can include support contracts, advertising deals and consultancy.

Please see our business site rclone.com for details.

For Business

Personal users

If you are a personal user and you would like to support the project with sponsorship as a way of saying thank you that would be most appreciated.

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If you don't want to contribute monthly then of course we'd love a one off donation.


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