rclone test makefiles

Make a random file hierarchy in a directory

rclone test makefiles <dir> [flags]


      --ascii                      Fill files with random ASCII printable bytes only
      --chargen                    Fill files with a ASCII chargen pattern
      --files int                  Number of files to create (default 1000)
      --files-per-directory int    Average number of files per directory (default 10)
  -h, --help                       help for makefiles
      --max-depth int              Maximum depth of directory hierarchy (default 10)
      --max-file-size SizeSuffix   Maximum size of files to create (default 100)
      --max-name-length int        Maximum size of file names (default 12)
      --min-file-size SizeSuffix   Minimum size of file to create
      --min-name-length int        Minimum size of file names (default 4)
      --pattern                    Fill files with a periodic pattern
      --seed int                   Seed for the random number generator (0 for random) (default 1)
      --sparse                     Make the files sparse (appear to be filled with ASCII 0x00)
      --zero                       Fill files with ASCII 0x00

See the global flags page for global options not listed here.


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